About me

I was born in Stockholm in 1985, though I grew up in Umeå in northern Sweden. I moved back to Stockholm in 2008 to join a company, after dropping out of univerity. My main virtues in life are minimalism, simplicity and living below my means. I love learning and trying new things, which is the main driving force behind my career.

Outside of work I spend a lot of time moving and working out to compensate for all the sedentary hours in front of the computer. My main sport is poledancing but I also love doing yoga and taking long walks.

My Professional Background

My story began around 1997 when I got my first PC with dialup internet. I quickly became enchanted by the web and it did not take long until I wanted to build my own homepage so that I could become a part of the web myself. Dialup was expensive I was only allowed to go online for a few hours every week. I spent that precious time online learning about HTML (and playing Flight Simulator 98!) and finding free hosts where I could publish my creations.

In 2003 my journey took a giant leap as I got DSL at home. This was a huge thing for me as I was suddenly able to go online as much as I wanted; I was no longer restricted by the cost or speed of dialup. Having 24/7 access to the internet meant I could spend more time on the social aspects of the internet. I eventually found a bunch of like-minded people on IRC and I started making friends online. Some of the people I got to know taught me about things like linux and running my own servers. They inspired me to build my own computer for the first time, a computer that became my first home server where I installed linux for the first time in my life and I learned how to setup my own web server among other things.

Main Skills

Code: .NET, bash, dotnet core, js, nodejs, typescript
Culture: agile, developer experience, devops
Language: english, swedish and very basic italian
Tech: docker, kubernetes, linux, queues, sql/no-sql databases
UX: analytics, figma, interviewing, matomo, user research, user story mapping


Digital TwinKubernetesRxJS RörLa - Rörliga Landsbygder 2022

Simulating public transport and patterns in Norrbotten

The project aims for call-controlled public transport in the pilot municipalities to include all available modes of transport for the best service to residents in rural areas.
Digital TwinKubernetesRxJSUX Predictive Movement 2020—2021

Researching transport efficiency in rural Sweden

Reducing the environmental impact of package deliveries, while improving living conditions in rural aras.
Design SprintEffect MappingInterview TechniqueUX Research TRR Trygghetsrådet 2019—2020

Helping TRR understand their role in Sweden

How can skills be mapped between different careers and industries?
API DesignNodeJSREST V3VO - Vertical Evolution 2019,2020

Digitizing self-leadership profiling with V3VO

How can the exploration of self-leadership and group dynamics be turned into a mobile app that is fun and engaging for a broad audience?
AutomationDeveloper ExperienceKubernetesOpenShift JobTech Development 2019

Helping JobTech structure and automate their kubernetes deployments

Automating builds and testing to help create a positive developer experience.
3D PrintingMinecraftSketchfab Urban Girls Movement 2019

Preparing a Minecraft build for the web and 3D printing

What happens when girls take the lead in public space design?
API DesignKubernetesTypescriptUX Motorbranschens Riksförbund 2018,2020

Modernizing MRF's flagship product VIM

Rewriting a complex, monolithic, WPF application into a modern ecosystem of microservices
API DesignDIBSDeveloper ExperienceKlarnaKubernetes Vimla 2014—2018

Building Telenor's fighter brand Vimla

How does a mobile phone operator distinguish itself?
AngularChrome AppGoogle NaCl Soundation 2014—2015

Kick-starting a Flash to HTML + Native Client rewrite

Where do you begin to rewrite an entire, complex, Flash application?
.NETAudio EncodingE-CommercePayPal Sound Ideas 2013—2018

Building and running two e-commerce sites for Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas sells royalty-free audio effects and music used by film and radio producers all over the world.
.NETDeveloper ExperienceReverse Engineering iBusiness Nordic (Neovici) 2009—2010

Rebooting iBusiness' IT organisation

What happens when a company loses all of its IT staff at once?
.NETMVCSQL Server Electrolux Group 2009

Helping Electrolux meet SOX compliance

Building a custom ticketing system for IT Change Management
.NETBusiness IntelligenceSQL Getinge 2008—2010

Helping Getinge with BI aftermarket pricing

Tackling the challenges of selling spare parts.
3GLinuxOpen SourceReverse EngineeringUSB Dovado 2008

Reverse-engineering USB modems

Dovado made it possible for anyone to setup a wifi router with a stable internet connection over 3g. I helped make their router compatible with more USB modems.
LinuxNetworkingSecurityWeb Design 2004—2013

Freelance work

The foundation of my career. These years were curcial in my development as my passion for tech gradually shifted from a hobby to work that added value to others.